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Supply Chain Strategy

In many enterprises the Supply Chain evolves over time due to many incremental decisions and influences. The Supply Chain is configured opportunistically as issues rise. By doing so a company is missing important optimization and integration aspects in terms of customer service and efficiency.

The Supply Chain needs to be (re)aligned to the company’s strategy and will benefit most from a well-through Supply Chain Strategy.

What we offer

Supply Chain Performance Assessment

Before starting the development of any strategy, it is paramount to assess and understand the actual situation. To that extend Xeleos Consulting has developed an evaluation tool, the Supply Chain Analyzer, that allows to evaluate the actual situation. Several measures are used to asses performance and characteristics of Customer Service, Distribution, Inventory, Manufacturing, Supply, …

Customer Service Strategy

Different types of product families and customer segments may need different types of Supply Chain configurations. That’s why we will find out together the answers to the following questions:

  • What are the real needs of the customers? What do they value?
  • What are the distinct segments?
  • What is the cost to serve those segments?
  • Which service organization should be set up to fulfil the customer needs?
  • Are their opportunities to collaborate with customers?

Distribution Strategy/Distribution Network Optimization

In developing the distribution strategy some of the questions to be answered are: How should the distribution network be set up? How many nodes are needed? What are the roles of the different nodes in the network? Which distribution lanes should be set up? How should inventory be deployed in the network