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Operational Excellence

Warehouse Management Optimization

Xeleos Consulting helps you in all the aspects of your warehouse management. We will help you to balance the warehouse efficiency and the required customer service to come to the optimal warehouse organization.
We help you to review your warehouse organization or to set up new operations: what is the adequate lay-out? Which equipment can be used? Which level of automation is adequate in the warehouse? How can the processes be optimized in the put-away, in replenishment, in picking, in loading/unloading, …? Which information systems can be used: WMS, RF, RFID, …? How should these be set up? How should the organization look like?

Manufacturing Excellence

Because manufacturing capacity represents a massive investment that is difficult to relocate or sell off, flexibility and the ability to act quickly to market changes are difficult to cultivate. That makes them enormously important for a competitive advantage.
Xeleos Consulting helps you in all the aspects of manufacturing excellence such as better inventory turns, greater operating margins, and higher overall shareholder returns than their rivals.