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Supply Chain Strategy

In many enterprises the Supply Chain evolves over time due to many incremental decisions and influences. The Supply Chain is configured opportunistically as issues rise. By doing so a company is missing important optimization and integration aspects in terms of customer service and efficiency.

The Supply Chain needs to be (re)aligned to the company’s strategy and will benefit most from a well-through Supply Chain Strategy.


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Supply Chain Planning & Optimization

Companies can typically be confronted with the following issues:

  • High and wrong inventories
  • Unreliable deliveries and low customer service levels
  • Many urgent orders
  • Long planning cycle times
  • Operational inefficiencies
  • Low capacity utilizations

Due to inefficiencies in the supply chain planning process it appears that several of the symptoms occur at the same time. By changing the planning methods and optimizing their use the company can get a grip on the operations.

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Operational Excellence

  • Warehouse Management Optimization
  • Manufacturing Excellence


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Business Process Excellence

Supply Chain performance can have a significant financial impact on an organization’s market share and profitability. Improving performance is driven in large part by implementing improved processes. These improved processes should be in line with and enable the business and functional strategies.

Xeleos Consulting helps you to review and improve your business process based on the business and functional strategies. We also assist you to align and set up the right information systems and organization.

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